Minister Suharso : Government’s Strategy to Increase HDI in Education

Suharso Monoarfa Minister of National Development Planning.

NOWTOOLINE, JAKARTA – Minister of National Development Planning attended Ministerial Meeting which held virtually, Monday (06/14/2021). The issue discussed in the meeting was Human Development Index in education.

The policy of increasing HDI is pursued by increasing distribution of population access to education, and increasing the level of completion of education.

The government’s strategy is to provide educational assistance for the underprivileged through Smart Indonesia Program at the primary and secondary education levels and KIP Lectures at the higher education level.

Second, increasing capacity of education units through the construction of new classrooms (RKB), as well as rehabilitation of damaged classrooms to restore the capacity of educational infrastructure.

Third, affirmation assistance to improve access to education for residents with special needs (ABK scholarships), as well as for residents in the 3T and Papua areas (ADEM and ADIK scholarships).

Fourth, increase the availability of education units, especially in sub-districts where education unit were no exist, by conducting a sharp needs assessment to open new schools/madrasah.

Target of educational development in increasing HDI through average length of school and expectation of the length of school is the next discussion. Completion of the elementary level equivalent is currently 96%, in 2022  government targets 97.93 and in 2024 it is targeted at 98.94.

In junior high school level is currently 87.89%, in 2022 the government is targeting 90.54% and in 2024 it is targeted at 93.33%. Currently, senior high school level is 63.95%, in 2022 the government is targeting 69.08% and 2024 is targeted at 71.71%. The current gross percentage of higher education is 30.85%, in 2022 the government targets 31.52% and in 2024 is targeted at 32.28%.

The meeting also discussed differences BOS policies in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, government applies the same unit cost applicable to all regions, meanwhile in 2021 the government applies a different unit cost between regions, calculated based on the construction cost index and the student index for each region, in the district or city. ()